The Root

The history of the Schiavo family draws its origins back to the 17th century. Domenico Schiavo, real-estate dealer, began to travel with his mobile still through the farms of Costabissara becoming the first door to door distiller.

The real-estate of the Schiavo family can be viewed on a map of the Serenissima Repubblica Veneta of Costa Fabbrica now named Costabissara.

The family mansion is still located in its original place just as shown on the ancient map. Throughout this area Domenico decided to sell grappa collecting from wholesalers and selling to Guest-Quarters, Inns and Wineries located in Vicenza. 

He was followed by his son, Giuseppe Schiavo, who showed great interest and enthusiasm for the entrepreneurial world since his first years of age. 
In fact it was Giuseppe who in 1887 built the first Distillation Unit which allowed the family to produce its own grappa and begin a business in Costabissara.

The roots of the Schiavo Distillery - The founders and the last generation

His eldest son, Guido Schiavo, decided then to improve what his father had created studying new manufacturing and automation processes in the small company. He enlarged the Distillery moving from two to six copper cauldrons and installed a steam engine that used steam instead of open flame. He also launched the first written campaign which can be viewed in an old guide of 1922 (Guida Rossi). The great step in technology for those years was the creation of a copper fractionating tower that separated and condensed water and alcohol.