A step in Quality

Once the Company had been provided with innovative technology the family was able to concentrate and lean more towards the quality of the product versus the quantity.

Giuseppe, Guido’s son, marked a great step towards higher quality and innovation using fresh refuse of grapes.

This process gave higher productivity and also provided the Italian Grappa with a new fragrance and taste that had been unknown since then.

After the difficult years of the two World Wars, when most part of the grappa storage had been confiscated to help soldiers fight coldness, hunger, fear and pain, the sixties defined the years of “New Italy”. This period was marked by industrialization and the opening of new and important sales points. It was Giuseppe that, through his hard work and devotion to the family run company, increased the distribution of Grappa in the city and throughout the suburbs of Vicenza.

The recent history of the Schiavo’s business activity was marked by an extreme selection of raw materials, the marketing of bottles, labels and advertising campaigns and the closure of rape tank farms. The distillation unit was completely renewed in order to increase and improve fragrance and taste of Grappa. The biggest challenge was to shift from mass distribution to a more sophisticated, competitive and challenging cliental i.e. upgrade catering service and historical Italian wineries. With the acceptance of the product on the Italian market, the Company shifted its focus towards the export of Grappa to foreign countries which appeared to enjoy and appreciate the great taste of this typical distilled Italian spirit.
The Company is now opening to the European Community and to the World. Marco Schiavo, fifth generation, focuses his attention on adequate marketing and distribution campaigns, new sophisticated products that can be used for making cocktails and fancy cuisine plates. His ideas aim to provide the brand and the product with a constant 
new image thus not forgetting its origins.


grappa schiavo salto qualita grappa schiavo salto qualita grappa schiavo salto qualita

grappa schiavo salto qualita grappa schiavo salto qualita grappa schiavo salto qualita