Cofanetto Schiavo-T'a Sentimento Italiano

A union of two ancient families, the Schiavo brothers of Costabissara and the Alemagna brothers of Milan have given life to a unique project of 1500 pieces.

Case content: 1 “Grappa di Amarone” ml. 500 Alc.40% Vol. - 1 box of Chocolates net weight gr.120

The beauty of an elegant gift casket, which holds a combination of all the best products of the two families.
The renowned “Grappa di Amarone”, obtained from fresh Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella vinacce, pressed after drying and then skilfully distilled in an antique artisan copper low pressure batch still.
The magic of the “Tostati”: box of hand prepared assortment of fine chocolates filled with Bronte Pistachio, Igp Piedmont Hazelnuts and Arabic Coffee in a rendezvous with the finest Venezuelan cocoa to create a highly sophisticated mix of flavours.
The combination of the two products are certain to offer the tantalising experience that only Best Quality Fine Chocalitier can guarantee.
All this enticement is contained in the collector’s Storage All Casket, which can then be used to keep your most personal objects, made with Certified Ecocompatible and Ecological material.